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Understanding Your World

The world inside and outside of your organization is developing and changing at an exponential rate.  There are countless external factors (political, economical, social, technological, legal and environmental) that impact your business environment everyday:

•  Changes to employment laws

•  Economic changes impacting the labor market

•  Federal, state and local political initiatives

•  Emerging technology

•  Global, national and local environmental activities impacting business and workforce continuity

Creating a Competitive Advantage through People


To maintain your competitive advantage the people throughout your organization must be able to plan for areas requiring improvement, capitalize on strengths, identify threats and leverage opportunities. 

Daoine Centric utilizes human-centered design tools and a capability maturity model to map your human capital, talent management and human resources initiatives.  This allows you to focus on the people activities that will create the agility your organizations needs to be competitive.


Organizational Effectiveness Advisory Services

From new entrepreneurs to established CEOs, and in between, it is important to have a resource that can advise you on the challenging people aspects of your business.  The spectrum of people related activities (micro to macro) that you will encounter are infinite.  From planning on how to scale your HR activities as a start-up to planning a new organizational design it is essential to have a trusted advisor. 

Daoine Centric has developed a service specifically for the unique HR leadership needs in organizations of all sizes and maturity.   Our HR leadership experience spans multiple industries across the public and private sectors.  We will design an engagement that fits the needs of our clients. 

Integrated Talent Management Strategic Planning


Today’s environments, in which organizations operate in, are more dynamic than ever before.  There are an infinite number of internal and external factors that can impact an organization's success.  It is essential that the organization's business strategy and talent strategy are cohesive. 

An integrated talent management strategy provides a vision and framework for unifying and operationalizing the activities across:

•Workforce planning

•Talent acquisition

•Agile talent development

•Employee engagement

•Total compensation


•Succession management

HR Optimization & Transformation Services


Daoine Centric's HR Optimization & Transformation services are designed to assist HR functions at various levels of size and maturity in evaluating, optimizing and transforming the delivery of core business processes like:


•On-boarding and orientation

•Benefits administration

•Performance management


Through HR Optimization & Transformation service clients are able to manage the full life-cycle of HR programs more effectively and efficiently, rapidly implement continuous process improvement, leverage existing or new technology capabilities, and improve the overall HR service delivery and experience for all stakeholders.

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